'What if?' 2018

Her first proper durational performance, and the 4th piece of her residency at THAT Gallery, this piece took a whole seven hours to complete. Letter by letter, Laura printed a continuing stream of intrusive thoughts on a piece of paper over 10 ft long. The process was physically and mentally exhausting due to the incredibly slow process, and took a lot of mental and physical energy to get through, but this was the point.

Due to her OCD and anxiety, Laura often spends long periods of times completing slow and time consuming rituals. So many normal everyday activities take so much longer for her, and make both her and those around her feel incredibly frustrated at how long she can take. The artist wanted to simulate this feeling with the performance, and the whole process of picking each stamp, inking it up and then pressing it to the paper was very reminiscent of her OCD rituals.

February, 2018


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