'Razor Standards' 2019

In a new feminist inspired piece, artist Laura Greenway explores the boundaries and stigma associated with feminine grooming by taking the usually private act of removing her body hair in the public setting of the South London Gallery. She additionally addresses the discomfort and unease of performing her OCD rituals in public places, drawing comparisons between the ritualistic nature of hair removal and her own OCD rituals.


This piece was part of artistic twosome Panicattack Duo's 'Through the back door' performance project that invited 9 women artists to perform on their mattress studio for the day as part of their involvement with the 2018 Bloomberg New Contemporaries show at South London Gallery. The mattress itself is the work of Panicattack Duo. Thank you to Panicattack Duo and Bloomberg New Contemporaries for making this performance possible. 

February, 2019


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