'A Funeral for Lost Time' 2019

'A Funeral for Lost Time' is a performance developed based on the artist’s experiences of mental health problems. The piece is part of a new series of works being developed about the years Laura has lost to being ill with severe OCD over the course of her childhood and teenage years, and the piece is a 15 minute long 'funeral' ceremony for these lost years. In the performance the artist undertakes a variety of rituals, making a link between the ritualistic nature of funerals and the way that rituals also play an important part in her life due to he OCD, ironically engaging in these ceremonial activities whilst trying to lay to rest the time she has previously lost to such acts.


This piece was performed at The Crypt Gallery in Euston, London as part of the FUBAR collective exhibition. Photos courtesy of The FUBAR collective. 

August, 2019


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