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Laura Greenway -Self portrait with mask

Artist Statement

Laura Greenway is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice is based around her own experiences of mental health problems and disability. She often engages in performance art or use mediums that she deems as performative such as hand printing and using her body as a tool of expression. Her work aims to communicate themes such as vulnerability and fragility as well as focusing on the theme of repetition, making links between the ritualistic nature of illnesses such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and repetition as part of art. Laura’s practice is multifaceted and encompasses performance, print and photography to create unique work that explores the inner psyche.  Laura graduated in 2017 from the University for the Creative Arts with a Master’s degree in Fine Art and has exhibited all across the UK as well as internationally, winning a VeniceLands Art Prize critics award as well as the Sheroes Art prize in 2020. Laura uses her practice to crate awareness of mental illness and start a dialogue about the taboo topics that often surround psychiatric illnesses.

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